16935753062_6331817ede_oHello and thank you for checking out my portfolio, my name is Shah and I work as a Cloud Native Data Engineer based out of Vancouver, Canada.

I have a keen interest for all things related to information technology which translates into a sharp intuition for software development.

I am also very determined wherein I will try, and try, and stare, and step through with my debugger until something is right. I will build that Dockerfile line by line, dropping into the shell and playing around until it is exactly the way I want it.

When I want pretty redirects and nice URLs I keep fiddling with the settings until I have them. When I don’t understand something I will find a working example out there and keep modifying it until I get the results I want. I genuinely love just hanging out in front of my computer and just building stuff!

The posts here are designed to share interesting insights I have picked up in my journey through Data Science & Software Engineering.

I hope you enjoy browsing my portfolio and feel free to contact me at info@shahnewazkhan.ca